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Lane Rental Services Ltd has used thirty years of experience in the road surfacing industry to establish a business which is now focused on the provision of high-quality end finished product to Clients, covering all aspects of road maintenance and reconstruction.

Asphalt Suppliers

The highly visible end-product of all new roads is the finished surface.

The standard of the finished surface is linked to the availability of quality material.

Lane Rental have collaborated with all major material suppliers and have now innovated to the next best level of capacity and availability of superior asphalt products.

This has involved installing a brand new Intrame RM180 asphalt plant in Yorkshire which utilizes the highest quality of granite aggregate and the best available grades of bitumen to produce up to a thousand tons per day of premium surfacing products.

Each material mix is designed to ensure that it is rich in appearance, smooth in texture, and well mixed so that grading consistency is assured.

Asphalt Suppliers

Our asphalt plant operation is open to supply councils, surfacing contractors, utility companies, civil engineers and builders and tradesmen.

Material can either be collected on a daily basis or delivered by our twenty strong fleet of fully insulated twenty ton tipper wagons.

We can provide chuted wagons or hot box delivery when requested.

The asphalt plant is located on the easterly edge of the M62 motorway and can supply all areas of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire with fully accredited asphalt products complying with all of the requirements of British Standards.

Our contracting division commenced trading in 1993 and has operated in all spheres of the surfacing industry covering both the commercial sector which includes housebuilding, major contractor construction projects, local civil engineering contractor schemes, and the public sector including local authority road projects and National Highways trunk road and motorway resurfacing upgrades.

Over this thirty year period the business has used its experience to evolve and develop in order to become one of the best specialist operators in the road sector.

Lane Rental Services Ltd is now positioned as both an asphalt manufacturer and supplier, and an infrastructure contractor that can provide a full range of road maintenance services to all Clients.

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